I’m Looking for a YA Critique Partner!

Well, the title of this post pretty much sums things up. I used to belong to a local YA crit group that was amazing, but the group has since fallen apart for reasons beyond my control. I’ve been dying for another YA CP (or preferably more than one!), and now that my health is doing a little better, I feel comfortable taking on the responsibilities of being a CP. So here’s what I’m looking for in a CP:

  • Someone who is willing to critique works of YA Contemporary and YA Fantasy.
  • Someone willing to read multiple drafts of the same project. (This can get tedious, but I really feel it’s necessary for CPs to exchange multiple drafts. Because let’s face it: Early drafts suck.)
  • Someone who can handle critique with grace.
  • Someone who is okay working with loose deadlines. (My health has a tendency to randomly nose-dive, and when this happens, super-strict deadlines are a struggle for me.)
  • Someone who is tolerant of the darker sides of YA. (My novels tend to deal with dark issues and have profanity in them.)

So basically, I’m just looking for someone who will tear my manuscripts to pieces and kick me in the butt when I’m not working at full-speed. And if you can do this with a happy attitude and a bit of humor, I will love you forever. And in return for your critiquing services, here’s what I have to offer you:

  • I have three years’ experience of critiquing, and I’ve belonged to multiple crit groups, both online and off.
  • I critique very thoroughly and harshly, whether I’m looking at your grammar or your character arcs.
  • I’m also very happy to offer positive comments. (Let’s be honest, every writer needs to hear at least a couple!)
  • I’m always willing to help brainstorm plots, characters, ect. (In other words, I’ll help with your story, whether it’s a seedling of an idea or a full-grown manuscript.)
  • I’ve written six YA novels to date in a bunch of different genres and I read very widely, so I’m very familiar with most genres of YA.

Okay. So if you think we might be a good fit as CPs, please shoot me off an email to OliviaRivers45(at)gmail(dot)com. Include the first five pages of your current WIP as a Word document, and I’ll email you back with my first five pages. We can exchange crits of our first pages, and then decide from there if we like each other’s critiquing style, and if we’d make good CPs.

Thanks so much for taking the time to read all this! I hope to hear from you soon. đŸ™‚