Scrivener for Writers

Along with being a writer nerd, I’m also a tech geek. I love technology in all its forms, and I always get excited about new writing technology.

But nothing gets me as excited as the novel writing program “Scrivener”, created by Literature and Latte. I simply adore this program. Upon first inspection, it’s pretty similar to Microsoft Word. But if you take a closer look, you’ll see there are dozens of exciting and helpful features Word doesn’t offer.


Some of my favorites are:

–The Corkboard:
Scrivener allows you to organize your story on a virtual corkboard. Add the title of each scene, your target word count, a synopsis of the scene, the draft number, and other important writing facts. Then simply click on the index card you want to write about, and a blank page will pop up for you to type in.

–The Folders and Subfolders
Instead of organizing your work in one, giant document, Scrivener allows you to separate your document into interlinked pieces. These pieces are folders and subfolders. All your work remains on the same document, but you don’t have to scroll through 25 pages to reach Chapter Three. Just click on the Chapter Three sub-document, and it’s right in front of you!

–Distraction Free Mode
This mode practically saved my life. It blocks out everything on your screen but your writing. That’s right–you can’t see your outline, your word count, or any other distracting things on your desktop. It makes you sit your butt down and just write, which is something that I love.


–Split Screen
This feature is why I use Scrivener for revisions. It allows you to split the screen and have one document on the right, and one on the left. So, for example, you can keep your first draft popped up on the right while you write the second draft in the left portion of the screen. This allows you to view two parts of your writing at once, without switching screens or programs.

And this is just a small taste of Scrivener’s capabilities. Using it, you can set specific word-count goals, track the words you use most often, use any font and style you want, and more. The best part? Scrivener only costs about $40 bucks. And, if you complete NaNoWriMo, it’s even cheaper. Oh, and you can also get the 30-day trial, without paying a cent.

Okay, I’m done raving about this program. Now go download it! Trust me, you won’t regret it.